Kung Fury: Street Rage

If you haven’t heard about the movie Kung Fury, I assume you had problems with your internet connection or that you might choose to live under a rock for the past few months.

Kung Fury is a Kickstarter project that went live on 2013, whose purpose was to create a short movie – homage to 80s’ martial arts movies. While the project goal was set to $200,000, it managed to raise over $630,000 – Which lead to a “full” 30 minutes long movie.

The movie is accompanied by the game Kung Fury: Street Rage. It’s also a homage to classic arcade fighting games, where you fight Nazis, robots and what seem to be blonde cheerleaders.

The first thing you can see when opening up the game, is that it looks great, in a pixel-retro kind of way. The game is presented on a CTR like round screen, that supports the old graphics, that even include the request to enter a coin in order to start playing. If you turn the volume up, you can enjoy awesome music that gets you into the fighting-kicking mode.

However, once you start playing you understand that most of the planning and execution went on the graphics and music, and no on the gameplay itself, that sums up in punching enemies to your left or to your right. You control the character by pressing on the desired side of the screen, which leads to kicks, punches and even gun shots in that direction, I admit, the punching is pretty great and it looks like actual martial arts movements, but after a few punches here and there, I pretty much got the hang of the game and grew tired of it.

The bottom line is that after a few 3-minutes games, I had enough with this app and moved on. I don’t believe I’ll open it again, unless I come across some friends who are talking about the movie, and I’ll want to show them this game. If I could play against them, in a Street-Fighter kind of game, that might have changed my mind – but for now it’s just me again the computer Nazis.

Who would love it? Anyone who grew up in the 80s, loved arcade games and appreciate simple apps that doesn’t require too much effort.

Worth the price? Since it’s free, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t download it and try for yourselves.

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